A Community of Learners

Peer Tutoring Program

One of the numerous benefits we have as a PK-12 school is the cross-division interactions that happen each day at PDS. One example of this is our ‘Peer Tutoring’ program, it provides middle schoolers with the opportunity to work with a high school student and receive academic support and encouragement.

Over the last few years, Jake has worked hard to leverage this benefit by establishing and building the program. Twice a week, he organizes a dedicated group of high school students who come to the middle school during their free time to offer reading and writing help. The peer tutors meet with the same students each time, building positive relationships, working to understand their particular areas of need and making sure they are improving over time. 

The program has been so successful that Karl has now built upon Jake’s structure, and is organizing Math peer tutoring as well. This includes having two seniors offer after school math help on Mondays and Wednesdays. 

It is hard to describe the pride I have in our school when I watch our students work together during these peer tutoring sessions. There is such an earnest desire to teach and learn, and the impact this is having on our students cannot be overstated. At PDS, we truly believe that we are a community of learners, and education is an act of collective generosity. No time is this more evident to me than when I see moments like the one above, and I am grateful to Jake for creating this opportunity.

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